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Use specially created soap free hand wash. It is a soft and gentle cleaner with distinctive and refreshing fragrance and moisturiser. Professionally formulated automatic dish washing liquid. Provides chemical energy to remove food soils from all type of cooking and serving items. It also softness water to prevent insoluble deposits, loosen and hold soil in suspension, leaving items clean and grease-free.
Hand Wash Hand Wash Kitchen Cleaning

Multi-function for all hard surface in kitchen such as floors, walls, panels, tables, sinks, dish-washing etc.

Specially formulated for cleaning and sanitising all surfaces in the bathroom like sinks, basins, tubs, tiles & flooring and SS fittings.

General purpose cleaner cum sanitiser. Ideal for quick and economical cleaning of any hard surface like shiny floor, polished marble, granite, TV cabinets, telephones, glass and mirrors.
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